Tamela has a rare gift and can tune in to every person sitting before her.  There are very few trainers in this country who can do that.

Joyce Bogosian, Professional Development Coordinator, NM Small Business Development Center

Tamela’s rapport with training participants is amazing. She involves everybody, understands how to use humor and uses the power of her personality to help everybody participate and learn in training.

“I have over twenty years experience in training administration and consider Tamela one of the top training facilitators I have ever worked with.”

Rick Mack, Training Manager - City of Albuquerque

Tamela tailors her training presentations as issues emerge, while never losing momentum or focus. She has the ability to quickly read her audiences’ needs and moods and level of readiness, and respond in a way that keeps their attention. She constantly evaluates her work and relentlessly improves it. She has a wonderful sense of humor and relates well to her audience without fail. She was consistently among the most highly rated of our training instructors and conference speakers. I recommend her highly!

Howard Norman, Director, Executive Education - College of Business, Texas Tech University

Tamela, I just had to take a moment to say “thank you” for the wonderful training that you provided my management team.  Your energy and intuitiveness made your presentations lively and on target. Most importantly you helped us all to be leaders, not just managers.

Rebecca Sultan - Southwest Airlines

Tamela exemplifies the communication behaviors she teaches.

She is organized, enthusiastic, and cares about her participants. She acquits herself with poise and diplomacy.

Jerry Buley, Professor, Az.. State University



She was the highest rated workshop presenter -- EEOC Conference

You got raving reviews--as usual! I appreciate all your efforts in making the conference such a success! You are a joy to work with! --Women’s Forum

You were our top speaker! --Women's Leadership Conference

Your evaluations are the best of all the speakers!   --Kathyrn Bush

Just wanted to let you know-we had a Women's Leadership Conference Focus Group meeting today to obtain feedback from women regarding the conference. I want you to know that every woman that attended had so many wonderful things to say about you! They even suggested that we have you back a day and only "you" be the speaker.  Adjectives used:  dynamic, knowledgeable, entertaining, very good!  So just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us! --Terri Patterson, Texas Tech

Tamela was the best speaker I’ve heard in all of my years of going to conferences. I’ve been to many seminars and she’s the best. Very outgoing and keeps you laughing, but yet stays professional. Tamela’s enthusiasm was infectious. Attending a session like this is a joy.  Positive, pleasant and professional.  --Janice Brewer, Honolulu, HI




  • Tamela is an inspirational teacher. It has been a pleasure to have someone with her flexible mind, varied communication style, positive approach and professionalism. --Gina Bobrowski, Univ. of New Mexico, Art and Art History Dept.
  • “It was great to hear so much laughter. Eye opening experience. I believe that I can handle and deal with almost any problems.” --Drew Matthews, Encino, CA
  • Professional and approachable. Warm, quick sense of humor. Articulate and engaging. --David Fleming, Ft Myers, FL
  • Relates to us as human beings, sensitive and caring. She had very interesting stories and experiences. --Rita Lopez, Las Vegas, NV
  • You have a wonderful laugh. Joy seems to be your "heartpower." --Eve Watson, Albuquerque, NM
  • Tamela is a strong and original person. She is naturally inquisitive with a honest and sincere concern for others. --Dr. H. Prentice Baptiste, Professor, New Mexico State University
  • Tamela has a lot of insight! --Wilson Tanner, Kansas City, KS
  • You make learning an adventure. --Karen Pound, Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM
  • She believes in what she is doing. --Rodney Jarvis, Dallas, TX
  • Very bright, funny, smart and down to earth. --Ronald Marvis, Columbus, OH
  • She gave me hope and energy.-- Maxine Swartz, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Very personable and unpretentious. Obviously prepared and knew her topic. --Fran Cockran, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tamela’s energy, enthusiasm and experiences contributed immensely to the training. Well prepared, very organized, always had a wealth of material.  --Martha Creek, Denver, CO
  • Tamela has a down to earth attitude and considers the validity/uniqueness of each perspective. -- Roger Johnson, Atlanta, GA
  • Tamela’s vitality and energy made everyone want to learn. Never a dull moment. --Doug Wood, Little Rock AK




  • "Best time management seminar I have ever been to because it talked about the underlying causes instead of giving rules." --Dal Jensen, Sandia National Labs, NM
  • I thought your class on public speaking was exceptionally good, and I am saying that based upon having attended other classes on public speaking elsewhere. Your enthusiasm was contagious, your humor appealing, and your approach to drawing out the best in people "right on." --Joan Giampoli, Town/Village of Scarsdale, New York
  • Best workshop I have attended in a long time. You truly have the gift. --Patricia Bunger, Clovis Community College, NM
  • Thank you for the training on public speaking. I truly came away with a lot more confidence than when I started. You certainly have a gift of making everyone feel good about this difficult subject.  --Tammie Maddox, City of Ruidoso, NM
  • You presented in such a way that I can incorporate many of these ideas immediately. --Leenell Roach, President, Allied Compliance Services, Inc, TX
  • The best class I have ever taken! Truly! Thanks you so much, Tamela!  --Karen Schoechert, Manager, Crest Outsourcing, TX
  • “Just a note to let you know that I truly enjoyed your seminar. I have been selling for over 40 years and this was one of the very few I truly enjoyed and walked away from feeling I gained something from my two days.” --Bob Taylor, NTS Sales






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