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Harvard, M.Ed. Human Development and Psychology
Harvard University shield Arizona State University, M.A. Interpersonal Communication
New Mexico State University, B.S. Speech Education


I have owned Townsend Training for 20 years now and when asked how I got started, I often joke that I started my business on faith, adrenaline, and caffeine.  (They are all still in use today.)  But truthfully, being self-employed was always assumed in my family. An entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout my family as both my grandfathers, my father, my mother, my brother and my sister are all self-employed.  

I love my work because it is upbeat, creative, engaging, fun, and always challenging.  I own more books then should be legal and because of my lifelong love affair with learning, my parents remarked once that I was going to go from student loans to social security. 

I am a fifth-generation native New Mexican.  I love the state and the land, and grew up roaming the family ranch (which was handed down from my great-great grandfather).  I have to admit, however, that more than once while growing up, I got in trouble for not having my mind on work because I was writing a poem in my head, or daydreaming, or sneaking a look at a book (or all three!).

Though I’ve never married (yet! ;-)), I have close family ties and come from a very large extended family.  The family joke is that when a new family member is added through birth or marriage, they get a T-shirt with their number of entry on it.  I was the first and (so far) 67 have followed.  Making a difference in people’s lives—both professionally and personally—is my greatest satisfaction.


If there is one word that describes my experience it is "diverse."  I have taught across academic echelons (elementary, secondary, college, and graduate school), across institutional settings (educational, business, and government), across cultural demarcations (Native American, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Anglo, and People with Disabilities), across socioeconomic stratas (CEOs and Welfare-to-Work participants), across training modalities (Native American storytelling, facilitation, mediation, experiential training), across geographic regions (almost every state in the nation), and across intellectual domains.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”  In order to give back to my community, I have done pro bono work for many nonprofits such as battered women's shelters, Women’s Housing, Career Building for People with Disabilities, Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Transition, Children's Hospital of New Mexico, Caring Couples Healthy Children, Head Start, and many others.  I have also acted in the capacity of personal mentor to several up-and-coming young people, done free mediation for economically-challenged families, served as a private speech coach for former students, and have spoken extensively at local women's groups serving as an example and liaison for women-owned, start-up businesses.  On a lighter note, I also must admit that I once HAD to do community service because I had too many speeding tickets in my sports car!

In essence, I see myself as a developer of human potential.





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